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General Powerpoint Templates

Great collection of free general powerpoint templates for many varied topics, including generic PPT backgrounds. These designs are not dedicated to a specific domain and they are strongly recommanded for global subjects.

Download these free General powerpoint backgrounds and templates for presentations

This powerpoint template is not very complex in term of graphical structure or design pattern. This is a simple powerpoint backgr...

Views 36745 Downloads 9704

Here you can find another grid powerpoint template. These types of PPT backgrounds can be helpful if you need to make a powerpoint...

Views 43611 Downloads 11864

A powerpoint template with an abstract background with yellow arrows. Perfectly fit for any subject. This presentation template in...

Views 43637 Downloads 15434

This powerpoint background is part of the simple presentation templates you can download on our platform. You can use this powerp...

Views 47719 Downloads 13791

Please find below a very cool and nice abstract powerpoint template. Compared to the previous powerpoint presentation, this one is...

Views 45285 Downloads 12161

This powerpoint slide is provided by a partner website. Click on the link to be redirected to an external page ...

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