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Technology and Computers Powerpoint Templates and Presentation

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Powerpoint presentation templates dedicated to technology and computers : keyboards backgrounds, computer screens, mouses, technology and sciences PPT template ...

Smartphone and mobile applications Powerpoint Presentation Template
Smartphone and mobile applications

In recent years, mobile phones have experienced unprecedented growth thanks to geniuses like Steve Jobs who revolutionized their use. We were able to see smartphones, mobile phones blended with a computer on which...

Views : 44521 | Downloads : 8125
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Ecological Green Car Powerpoint Presentation Template
Ecological Green Car

The design created by a fabulous artist and drafted into this powerpoint template is so representative. It will perfectly fit your presentations related to cars and environment. Let us consider this presentation tem...

Views : 34557 | Downloads : 11102
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A Tree of TV sets Powerpoint Presentation Template
A Tree of TV sets

In the first place, let us examine this background from a simple technical way: it is build with a green tree whose leaves are not the natural ones every tree should be made of, but the leaves are actually televisio...

Views : 33387 | Downloads : 12494
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Twisting Shining Curve Background Powerpoint Presentation Template
Twisting Shining Curve Background

Let us look into this model from a mere technical sense it looks like very simple, with a blue background with a light halo effect, crossed by a curvy flash of light just in the middle of it. This powerpoint templat...

Views : 52708 | Downloads : 11121
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Space Light Over Earth Powerpoint Presentation Template
Space Light Over Earth

This powerpoint presentation is perfect for any subject related to earth or space, with a very representative background. This presentation template includes 1 master background and 1 internal slide. ...

Views : 280729 | Downloads : 153410
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Rainbow multiple curves Powerpoint Presentation Template
Rainbow multiple curves

At first glance, this power point template is clearly glitz! Look at all those colors, green, red, blue, pink, a real rainbow! As you can appreciate, our authors do not have the look far for inspiration and titrate ...

Views : 304167 | Downloads : 173275
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Atom and Molecules Powerpoint Presentation Template
Atom and Molecules

With a graphical representation of atoms and molecules in the background, this powerpoint template will perfectly fit your presentation related to science. This presentation template includes 1 master background and...

Views : 136815 | Downloads : 78410
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Light Ball Powerpoint Presentation Template
Light Ball

The background of this powerpoint template is very simple and representative with multiple light balls. It will perfectly fit for any subject. This presentation template includes 1 master background and 1 internal s...

Views : 170488 | Downloads : 96091
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Email Boxes Invasion Powerpoint Presentation Template
Email Boxes Invasion

This powerpoint presentation is perfect for any subject related to technology, computers or internet, with a very representative background made of multiple email boxes. This presentation template includes 1 master ...

Views : 106123 | Downloads : 43457
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