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Red Powerpoint Templates

Red is one of the three primary colors with green and blue that takes place between fuchsia and orange. It is the cardinal point south since the earliest times, the Punic Latin and Greek culture Phoenix designating the southern Mediterranean and the Roc mythical bird Simurgh. Red is also ambivalent in the western symbolic. It is love, passion, blood, eroticism because red is the color of blood, muscles, mouth, lips, the blood of the enemy, the heart (both muscle and blood pump ) and the crackling fire, embers. It also represents regeneration (phoenix), the welcoming warmth, appetite, life, the life force, the party, the show (decorating theaters and operas red and gold), luxury, wealth, associated emotions (pleasure and desire, but also shame and shyness), lust (color brothels, prostitutes), divine love. Do not hesitate to use and adapt all our red powerpoint templates and red PPT presentation backgrounds.

We are proud to provide you this simple and nice powerpoint background model, with a white PPT background upon which was implement...

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This powerpoint template tends to describe the principal elements of international organized crime: an automatic handgun, a passpo...

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If we watch this design from a raw theoric direction it is made of two big and red tomatoes. These fruits or vegetables (depending...

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