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Guide - How to use our presentation templates with Google Slides

All presentation templates available on our website are compatible with Google Slides.

We created this guide to help you. All the steps are clearly detailed to make sure you won't miss anything important.

First step: after finding the right template for your subject, download it then save it under your local drive. You can choose any folder.

Second step: log into your Google account, and switch to Google Slides application; create a new presentation.

Google Slides Guide Step 2

Third step: Use the menu bar, click on file -> import slides, then select the upload tab, and browse your local drive to select the template you downloaded during step 1; select one or more slides to import in the process.

Google Slides Guide Step 3

Google Slides Guide Step 3b

Google Slides Guide Step 3c

Fourth step: you have reached the final step, congratulations ! The slides are now imported. You can now fill it your content, build your own presentation and share it with the world !

Google Slides Guide Step 4