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Acoustic guitar Powerpoint Template

The guitar is a plucked string instrument played with the fingers or a mediator.
The electric guitar, derived from the guitar in the twentieth century, is a new music instrument that includes an electronic amplifier and speaker.
European classical music provided a large guitar musical repertoire, it is also a characteristic instrument for flamenco, brazilian choro, or mariachi music in Mexico. Its popularity, already established in past centuries, has increased with the international diffusion of Anglo-Saxon music in the twentieth century: jazz, blues, pop, rock, reggae, soul. With the piano, harmonica and fiddle, the guitar is one of the most widespread instruments in the world.
Guitar is a lovely musical instrument, whether for the eyes or ears.
We hope that you will love this nice powerpoint template offering an acoustic guitar in its background. This presentation template includes 1 master background and 1 internal slide.
Image credits to FreePixel.com

    Main PowerPoint Background
Acoustic guitar Powerpoint Template

  Second PPT Theme
Acoustic guitar Second PPT Background
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