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Fern Leaf Powerpoint Template

If you are naturalist or an environment adviser, this PPT background will be perfect to organize a presentation about a nature subject.
This powerpoint template presents a photography of a leaf, very bright and green. We are pretty sure it's a picture and not an illustration, otherwise the artist is very talented to dra the natural reality.
We are grateful for the rare quality and the brilliant image the author has provided for this PowerPoint design
This presentation template includes 1 master Power point background and 1 internal PPT slide.

    Main PowerPoint Background
Fern Leaf Powerpoint Template

  Second PPT Theme
Fern Leaf Second PPT Background
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Downloads : 8268
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More information about this PowerPoint template :
Rating : 4.29, Votes : 116, Reviewer : PowerpointStyles.com, Review Rating : 4.72, Review Date : 2009-07-21

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