. So Simple Powerpoint Template

So Simple Powerpoint Template

This simple powerpoint template is meant to be used and downloaded by people wanting to have an unsophisticated presentation model.
This powerpoint template can be useful if you do not want to be accused of filling weaknesses of your presentation by an impressive and monopolizing PPT theme.
The one presented here is simply a white background with few vertical blue lines on it.
We appraise the rare content and the noticeable work the designer has made for this PPT designed template.
This presentation template includes 1 master background and 1 internal slide.

    Main PowerPoint Background
So Simple Powerpoint Template

  Second PPT Theme
So Simple Second PPT Background
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More information about this Power Point template :
Rating : 4.76, Votes : 145, Reviewer : PowerpointStyles.com , Review Rating : 5, Review Date : 2009-06-02
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General Powerpoint Templates   
blankboard , lines , simple , simple background

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