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White Computer Screen Powerpoint Template

This beautiful ppt template is mainly focused on computers and information technology presentations. Over a black background, we can see a computer screen with a keyboard displayed on the right side of the picture. This computer seems to be made by the Apple brand, it should be a Mac model. The object is colored in white. The computer screen is also reflecting some kind of purple abstract shape which looks like an ocean or the sky.
The image is so representative that you will obviously find this template useful for technology and computer powerpoint presentations. We allow you to get our lovely PPT design and arrange it for your professional work.
We are grateful for the outstanding touch and the glamorous background the designer has made for this PPT model template. This background includes 1 main and 1 second design.
Image credits to Francesco Marino

    Main PowerPoint Background
White Computer Screen Powerpoint Template

  Second PPT Theme
White Computer Screen Second PPT Background
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More information about this PowerPoint template :
Rating : 4.6, Votes : 120, Reviewer : PowerpointStyles.com, Review Rating : 5, Review Date : 2009-11-07

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