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Law and Legislation Powerpoint Templates and Presentation

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Powerpoint presentation backgrounds dedicated to law and legislation subjects : justice, murders, identification or passport papers, legal PPT template ...

Ecological Green Car Powerpoint Presentation Template
Ecological Green Car

The design created by a fabulous artist and drafted into this powerpoint template is so representative. It will perfectly fit your presentations related to cars and environment. Let us consider this presentation template from a raw visual manner it is sho...

Views : 23272 | Downloads : 8073
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Grey Sparkling Shield Powerpoint Presentation Template
Grey Sparkling Shield

If we examine this background from a mere visual viewpoint, it is made of a grey sparkling shield over a nice blue gradient color. Nothing more to say but this powerpoint is stunning ! The large icon is so representative for any subject related to notions...

Views : 20812 | Downloads : 2572
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A Rose Flower in Blood Powerpoint Presentation Template
A Rose Flower in Blood

The background of this powerpoint template is representative with a rose flower in blood. It will perfectly fit for any subject related to nature or environment. This presentation template includes 1 master background and 1 internal slide....

Views : 91226 | Downloads : 49348
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Gun and Blood Powerpoint Presentation Template
Gun and Blood

Let us look this designed template from a pure academical point of view it is build with a gun that we could also pistol, handgun or colt. This gun is made of a chrome plated color, which makes us think that it is a desert eagle gun. Next to it, there are...

Views : 57106 | Downloads : 21234
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Balance of justice Powerpoint Presentation Template
Balance of justice

Justice is an important and fundamental part of our societies, because it lays the foundation for a peaceful and enjoyable social and environmental life. This is often represented by a weighing scale because it shows that justice is an equilibrium betwe...

Views : 59702 | Downloads : 22834
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Africa and UN Blue Version Powerpoint Presentation Template
Africa and UN Blue Version

This powerpoint presentation was originally created because of our will to dedicate a template to a very important institution named the United Nations Organization (UN). Even if its principal mission is to promote and facilitate peace all over the world,...

Views : 26646 | Downloads : 5287
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Africa and UN Brown Version Powerpoint Presentation Template
Africa and UN Brown Version

This powerpoint template is dedicated to Africa continent and to United Nations Organization which is an international organization regrouping almost of all states of the world, fighting for the world peace and human rights. In this way, the background o...

Views : 17962 | Downloads : 3909
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Engagement Rings Powerpoint Presentation Template
Engagement Rings

A powerpoint template with a 2 engagements rings. That template will be perfect for any presentation related to love and marriage. This presentation template includes 1 master background and 1 internal slide....

Views : 32119 | Downloads : 9911
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Crime Pays Powerpoint Presentation Template
Crime Pays

This powerpoint template tends to describe the principal elements of international organized crime: an automatic handgun, a passport and few banknotes in euro money. Actually, you could download and present this PPT background for a large number of theme...

Views : 42906 | Downloads : 11170
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