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The big tree Powerpoint Template

Majestic, magnificent, breathtaking. These are all the words that come to the mouth while viewing this great Powerpoint presentation template.
The central and leading actor of this PPT background is a beautiful tree, which can be an oak tree or beechwood tree; it is in a beautiful meadow covered with grass.
On the main slide, the tree is so imposing that it is taking at least seventy percent of the full page ! On the others presentation pages, its size has been lowered so that it releases some space to include your text and your content.
We are grateful for the exceptional content and the brilliant work the designer has provided for this nature PowerPoint presentation. This PPT template about environment includes 1 master and 1 internal theme.

    Main PowerPoint Background
The big tree Powerpoint Template

  Second PPT Theme
The big tree Second PPT Background
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More information about this PowerPoint template :
Rating : 4.76, Votes : 156, Reviewer : PowerpointStyles.com, Review Rating : 5, Review Date : 2009-09-16

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